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The Further Adventures of Healing Collin’s Eye

I’ve been applying the essential oils (Oregano, Thyme, Immupower & Valor) in a carrier oil base to the pads of Collin’s paws for about two weeks now.  I haven’t noticed any big changes; however, his eye is certainly not doing … Continue reading

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We Are What We Eat–And That Goes For Our Pets Too!

Have you ever examined what’s in your pet’s bag of kibbles?  Maybe with all the recent recalls of pet food you are paying a little more attention to what’s in that bag.  But do you really understand what a lot … Continue reading

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Natural Health Care for Dogs–Is it Possible?

I am the owner of 3 Collies (2 of them rescues) and a Sheltie who is also a rescue.  My newest rescue boy has an autoimmune disorder common to Collies.  It is called nodular granulomatous episclerakeratitis. He has been on … Continue reading

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