One Month on Collin’s New Regimen

Collin has been on his new regimen of Occuplex, Eyebright drops, and Missing Link supplement.  His eye is definitely improving.  The amount of time per day that the third eyelid is red and inflamed has dramatically decreased.  I have been cooking for all my dogs the past month.  I’m using recipes out of the book “Simple Cooking for Dogs 101” written by Katie K-9.  These recipes have good, wholesome ingredients and my dogs gobble up everything I’ve made for them.  I’m feeling positive that Collin is well on his way to overcoming his autoimmune disorder.

When Collin first came to my home, he had a fair amount of plaque on his teeth.  I have been periodically putting Petz Life Salmon Oil flavor gel on his teeth.  I have also been giving all the dogs bones to chew under supervision (I don’t want any splinters entering their digestive systems).  Collin’s teeth are now 95% clear of plaque.  Between the Petz Life product and the bones, his teeth are looking very healthy.  In fact, all my dogs are looking good.

I’ll check in beginning of February regarding my quest to lessen Collin’s autoimmune disorder.  Here’s hoping that 2011 brings health to people and animals suffering from any physical problems!

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