Good News about Collin’s Eye

Collin had his annual vet visit in May.  We pulled titers on him instead of vaccinating.  The results came back showing that he has antibody protection against all the diseases we tested him for.  That was good news.

Next, my vet looked at his eye.  She felt that it was slowly getting better and the nodular granulomatous episclerakeratitis had not inccreased at all and had actually somewhat subsided.  Although the third eyelid of Collin’s eye still shows red sometimes, it’s apparent that the eye condition doesn’t bother him.  He still has good vision in his eye and he does not scratch or paw at his eye at all.  In other words, I think I’m more bothered by it than him.  That truly is good news.  We’ve decided to continue with the  natural treatments of moving to a more “raw” diet, giving him Eyebright drops as needed, and one pill daily of Occuplex, an herbal capusule containing lutein and zeaxanthin lutein.  Both substances help to curtail eye disorders.

Collin is doing so much better than a year ago.  In fact it was a year ago today that I picked up Collin from Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.  He is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I have had the pleasure to live with.  Collin and I passed the Therapy Dog International test back in December and we now visit Park Towers, hospice patients and Prairie Cottages for alzheimer patients.  There was a reason this dog came into my life and I truly believe that he has “saved” me just as much as I saved him from life as a homeless dog on the streets.  Thanks Collin!

Collin looking regal

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